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In this number - December 2015

1) What is Wall of Me?
2) Recent socials added
3) Announcy the "Country" list
4) Remember to update your Country in your profile
5) Spam fighting
6) Tips and tricks
7) Happy New Year!


1) What is Wall of Me?

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To make it short: Wall of Me is a service to keep all your social addresses (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.. all!) in a central, single place. So it's easy for you remember all of them, and share them using a single link, which will be of the form:

2) Recent socials added

These are the "New entry"  in our Social list:

  • Periscope: Periscope.Tv is a new exciting "app" for videostreaming - but it's also possibile to reach users and videostreams through the web.
  • Flipboard: the Personal social magazine
  • Plurk: a microblog online service
  • GitHub:  the popolar Web-based Git repository hosting service.
  • Hi5.Com: it seems just a "twin" of but it's a different platform.

3) Announcing: the "Country" list

We now start providing new Walls' listings. Since Dec 16, 2015, you can browse Walls by Country. Check it here:

Please note that if you still didn't customize your profile, telling us what your Country is, your Wall will not be included in this list. So, better if you do it quickly! Watch how in the next paragraph.

4) Remember to update your "Country" in your profile!

Months ago we started supporting new information in your profile. If you didn't still,  you should customize your "Personal info" adding your Country. Here is a quick guide:


5) Spam fighting

Due to a recent spammers attack, we started enforcing our registration policy. Since last August, all registrant are checked against several criteria, including spam lists like If you cannot register, of if your account has been locked, and you think this is an error, feel free to Contact us... we will help you!

6) Tips and tricks

Here is some useful suggestion.

  • Customize your background image. Our default background images are great... our professional photographers travel all around the world to give you the best pictures. But if you want a more personal Wall, you just can upload your own backgroun image! Just watch the Video tutorial to learn how!
  • Don't let your Wall empty and alone! If you still didn't customize your Wall, do it now!. If you don't remember  your password, follow this link: to receive a new one. If you have further problelms, just contact us from here:
  • You can "follow" people. When you visit a profile, just click on "Follow this user" in the page's footer. You can also find two tabs in your personal panel, "Users you follow" and "Users following you". And using the "What's new" link in the footer, you can easily see the new blocks of every user. Try it!

7) Happy New year!

And, the last but not the least... Happy New Year to everybody! Thanks for being part of's community!