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Welcome to this first new number of Wall of me's Newsletter

In this number - December 2014

1) Welcome!
2) What is Wall of me?
3) Quick start visual guide
4) News on December
5) Tips & Tricks
6) Happy new year!

1) Welcome!
First of all, we want to welcome you to our service and our newsletter. We will send this newsletter monthly, to inform you of improvements and news from our service. Although you can easily unsubscribe this list, we hope you will keep working, just to being constantly informed about our service. This newsletter will be not invasive and we will not abuse of this tool.

2) What is Wall of me?

If you receive this newsletter, it's because you registered your profile on

To make it short: Wall of Me is a service to keep all your social addresses (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.. all!) in a central, single place. So it's easy for you remember all of them, and share them using a single link, which will be of the form:

3) Quick start visual guide

If you still didn't customized your Wall, we strongly suggest you to do it now. Empty Walls are unuseful, and will be removed from the service in the very next future. 

Customize your wall is easy: 1) login, 2) click on any empty block 3) fill the simple form with your social's links.


 4) News on November and December

List of improvement made on last monts:

New socials supported: 

  • Disqus
  • Quag
  • Prezi
  • Klout
  • Medium.Com
  • StackOverflow
  • Fotolog

New features:

  • Since september, it's possible to follow and unfollow other Walls!
  • Now it's possible to customize the alignment of your background image
  • This newsletter is coming!

5) Tips & Trics
We will organize a little section with tricks, tips and suggestion. For now, have a little preview:

  • Check your links. Sometime you make mistakes inserting links to your social networks. For example, you can forget to fulfill the part after the address (e.g. Suggestion: always check your blocks, just clicking on them. So you can correct them it the behaviour is not what you expected.
  • We can work for you. Can't you find your favorite Social network in our supported list? Don't use the "personal website" link to solve the problem; it's better to contact us and ask to support it. We will do it as soon as possible!

6) Happy New Year!

Wall of Me's Staff want to wish you a Wonderful New Year.. Happy 2015!  Here is in advance the Image of the Week 01, 2015.